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What was the project?

The Low Carbon Freight Dividend was a £5.5 million 3 year project run by the Haven Gateway Partnership and was designed to encourage containers off the roads and onto rail or coastal shipping. It was supported by the European Regional Development Fund and aimed to support at least 71 small and medium sized businesses make the modal switch and move at least 16,000 containers off the road.


What was on offer to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)?

Eligible SMEs, who traditionally have used road transport to move containers, were offered a Low Carbon Freight Dividend (grant) of up to 30% for moving their freight from truck to train or coastal shipping.

The maximum payment was £75 per container for up to 934 container journeys; meaning there was a potential grant of up to £70,050 available to companies who choose to sign up.

Alongside the dividend there is support to companies in the form of two workshops, a knowledge bank full of useful info which was updated throughout the project, as well as access to our Carbon Calculator, an online tool to enable cargo movement methods to be compared and carbon savings identified.

LCFD Case studies

Who benefited from the Low Carbon Freight Dividend, and how? 

Orchid case study

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Making the modal shift to coastal shipping

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