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News headlines

Increased business activity in the logistics sector for 2015. 

Essential reading

New to the Knowledge Bank? This section provides four opportunities to source material about the logistics industry and the low carbon agenda.


Find out more about the low carbon agenda and climate change through the articles here.

Rail freight intermodal services

Rail freight intermodal terminals, and freight operating companies.

Freight movement stats

We shall keep you up to date with changing freight volumes in and out of the East of England.


This section contains web links to the Freight Operating Companies (FOCs) and Network Rail, transport and logistics businesses, interest groups, the DfT and local authorities, and the ports.


As well as LCFD, there are other potential funding sources for modal shift. We now have funding stream information for Europe 2014-2020.

Inter modal shift

What is modal shift, and how can you make the change from road to rail?

LMI and business

Facts and figures about how many people work in the industry, and workforce issues.