FTA’s Logistics Carbon Reduction Conference – advance notice (March 2015)

An opportunity to catch up on the latest thinking on low carbon strategies for the freight industry.

Meeting the challenges of climate change: online scenarios for 2050 (February 2015)

An introduction to the Global Calculator: a tool that enables you to look at the future management of world resources.

Carbon footprinting – the first steps toward new regulation for the transport industry (October 2014)

EU consultation starts the search for a common system for carbon footprinting.

Transport’s share of GHG emissions increases (October 2014)

Carbon dioxide emissions from the transport sector go down only 3% in 22 years.

Risky Business: a financial assessment of the impact of climate change in the US (September 2014)

A US climate change report looks forward to 2100 and sees problems ahead.

Big businesses will have to conduct energy consumption audits by December 2015 (September 2014)

Legislation will require large companies to review potential energy-saving opportunities for their businesses.

European Commission to monitor shipping industry CO2 emissions

International shipping industry needs to improve its approach to sustainability.

Green Growth Group – setting the agenda for 2030

Lobbying the EU Commission for new climate change targets.

Reporting greenhouse gas emissions becomes mandatory for quoted companies

Quoted companies have to comply with Environmental Reporting Guidelines from September 2013.