Freight movement stats


During the project, we will regularly update these pages. Port tonnage, Greenhouse gas emissions, intermodal freight volumes, and average road haulage journeys are currently featured.

Global container traffic data for 2014 show a poor final quarter (March 2015)

Shipping industry confidence falls as container shipping prices decline.

Global exports up in 2014; freight rates down (June 2014)

World trade up, but capacity over-supply weighs on shipping rates

Transport Statistics Great Britain 2013 (DfT)

Selected headlines from the DfT’s 2013 collation of Transport statistics.

Global container volumes continue to increase in 2013 (December 2013)

Imports from, and exports into, Asia show significant increases as 2013 ends.

Fast freight facts from the government (December 2013)

Dept of Transport press release sums up the importance of the freight industry.

UK Port Freight Statistics July-September 2013 – (Quarter 3) – latest trends from the DfT

UK major port freight traffic (tonnage) continues on a slight downward trend.

Rail keeping freight off the roads (July 2013)

More lorry journeys avoided by using rail.

Modest increases in container trade volumes (May 2013)

Container Trades Statistics for May 2013 show year-on-year global increase.