What we achieved

Supporting companies to switch their containers

Throughout the course of the project, our main aim was to support companies to switch their container movements from road to rail or coastal shipping.  We did this by offering a grant of up to £70,050 depending on the level of support needed by our companies as well as practical support in the form of workshops in freight optimisation and low carbon marketing. 

Below you can find out more about the companies we supported, the workshops we ran as well as finding out what the Haven Gateway will be focusing on next to support the ports and logistics sector.


Facts and Figures

Here are some of the key facts and figures from the project:

  • Fifty nine companies signed up to the project.
  • Many more enquired but were not eligible either due to their size or their location outside of the East of England
  • We helped companies switch more than 12,500 containers from road to rail or coastal shipping
  • This saved at least 4 million road miles and more than 5.5 million kg of CO2 from the supply chain.
  • Most containers left or returned to the Port of Felixstowe but we also recorded claims from Tilbury and London Gateway.
  • The majority of containers were switched by rail but we did see some movements by coastal feeder towards the end of the project.


Who Benefited From the Low Carbon Freight Dividend?

View SMEs who were signed up and were benefiting from the Low Carbon Freight Dividend.


Find out about the workshops we held during the project.

What's next?

Find out what the Haven Gateway is working on next.