What's next?

As a partnership, we are keen to continue to support the Ports and Logistics sector and with this in mind, we held a workshop at the University of Essex's i-lab in January 2015 to identify what would make our SMEs more competitive in the Haven Gateway area.  After an informative discussion, we were able to identify three future workstreams where we may be able to facilitate future work:

  1. How do we educate and incentivise partners in the logistics chain to greater collaboration and utilise assets more effectively?
  2. How do we engage with Higher Education Institutions to supply better supply chain courses?
  3. How do we turn the region into an enterprise zone?

A further three workshops were held, covering these three areas, to develop these ideas further.  We are now seeking opportunities to take these ideas forward and as this progresses, further information will be available on the Haven Gateway website.  Click here to visit the website.