Freight Optimisation Workshop

What was the workshop about?

Whatever a delegate's experience of rail and freight movements, our freight optimisation workshop aimed to add knowledge and understanding.  It particularly looked at movements by rail and included sessions on:

  • Understanding the rail market and some of the myths surrounding it.
  • The future challenges, threats and opportunities.
  • Ask the experts
  • How to get the most out of the Carbon Calculator, our online tool
  • How to make a modal shift

During each workshop there was a series of activities including looking at our knowledge bank and getting to grips with our Carbon Calculator. There was also an opportunity to talk to our experts on a 'one to one basis'.

Feedback from our freight optimisation workshops showed:

  • 94% of delegates agree or strongly agree that the overall content of the workshop was useful.
  • 92% would feedback information heard during the day
  • 95% would use the carbon calculator for logistic planning
  • 81% of delegates would use the knowledge bank