The project offered two workshops to support companies as they made the modal shift - one on freight optimisation (in other words, how to make the switch from road to rail or coastal feedering) and one on low carbon marketing (how to make the most of being greener).  These workshops helped delegates understand what carbon was, what legislation was on the horizon that may impact on them and how switching to rail or feedering would work practically.

As part of the workshop on freight optimisation, we had a session on how to get the most out of our Containerised Cargo Carbon Calculator (or carbon calculator for short!).  While companies needed to use this for their claims to the project, it could also be used as a stand alone tool to compare and contrast different modes of container transport.  95% of delegates would continue to use the carbon calculator for some or all of their journeys going forward.  Our carbon calculator is still available to use - click here to be transferred to it.

We got excellent feedback on both of our workshops with 92% saying they would feedback information they had learnt during the freight optimisation workshop and 85% during the low carbon marketing workshop.

Freight Optimisation Workshop

Find out what the workshop offered and how it benefited delegates.

Low Carbon Marketing

How did delegates benefit from being Low Carbon?  This workshop looked at marketing and communication tools.