Low Carbon Marketing

What was the workshop about? 

The Low Carbon Marketing workshop aimed to support companies as they made the modal switch by examining the current ways of marketing and communicating and looking at other ways to benefit your business.

The day included:

  • A recap on low carbon from the freight optimisation workshop and a look at carbon footprinting.
  • Where are you now - the marketing audit
  • Where do you want to be - marketing objectives
  • How are you going to get there - strategy and marketing toolbox
  • Digital communications and social media.

Alongside the workshop, delegates will all have received a workbook on a memory stick which gave them the models and more detailed information to back up the sessions.

Feedback from our workshops showed:

  • All of the delgates found some or all of the ideas useful during the three stages of marketing.
  • 90% will use some or all of the marketing toolbox tactics.
  • 90% of delegates would use the workbook provided on the memory stick.
  • 99% thought the ideas were useful during the social media session
  • 58% of delegates were more likely to use social media after the workshop, with 33% already using it.